The incredible value of the executive spouse is often overlooked

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Balancing a successful career with a satisfying home life is no small task. The role the executive spouse plays in that relationship can be one of restorative support or one of undermining resentment. The difference being, an executive who struggles or even manages to get by and an executive who excels at what he or she does for the company.

At ExecuMate we strive to help executives be incredibly successful. We believe a supportive, engaged spouse can contribute greatly to that success and ultimately to the overall success of the company, too. In addition to working one-on-one with executive spouses and their husbands or wives, ExecuMate now offers an Executive Spouse Transition service, a new resource for the executive search industry and global relocation professionals.

Introducing Colette Young, president of ExecuMate...

Keynote speaker, seminar leader, coach and the wife of a successful, top corporate executive for 20 years, Colette Young knows the value of being a supportive spouse and all the challenges and opportunities that come with such a role.

She offers a message of balance in life and work — sharing a journey of unending opportunities, fearless decisions and win-by-choice outcomes through attitude, adaptability and accountability.


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