A journey of learning and sharing

As the wife of a successful, top corporate executive for 20 years, Colette Young knows the value of being a supportive spouse and all the challenges and opportunities that come with such a role. Her own success in business and life includes a career as a professional musician, pianist and vocalist. She was a music educator in public and private schools for twenty-one years nationally and internationally. Colette has spent five years in community theater acting and directing. She has co-owned a song writing business and a recording studio. Plus, she carries a single digit golf handicap, one of her other passions in life. Colette’s love of music, the arts and the challenging game of golf are uniquely combined in her speaking and coaching to create a memorable and engaging educational experience.

Colette received a B.S. and M.S. of Music Education from Missouri State University. She has post-graduate training in music and counseling. A pianist since the age of 3, classically trained, she has had a lifetime as a performer.

Colette Young started ExecuMate because she felt compelled to share her life journey of challenging opportunities and joyful successes as a top executive spouse. In 2005 Colette followed her husband Larry ’s career to Dallas, Texas where he now serves as President and CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

She draws on her broad experiences as an educator for more than twenty years, a musical and theatrical performer, a songwriter, business owner, a golfer and most importantly, a helpmate to her husband ’s career to present a unique message. It is a message of balance in life and work — sharing a journey of unending opportunities, fearless decisions and win-by-choice outcomes through attitude, adaptability and accountability.