A process of mentoring to your individual needs

ExecuMate is prepared to help you through your journey as a spouse of an executive.

We are discreet...we are supportive...we are celebrating your choice to be an exceptional teammate!

If time permits, ideally, a social time between Colette and you will be made. During this time, trust and confidence is established.

During a scheduled meeting time, the following will be discussed:

Goal 1: Evaluation of your self, how you presently think, act, and believe.
Goal 2: Evaluation of your goals, your dreams, your future.
Goal 3: Evaluation of what you believe is expected of you and your executive mate.
Goal 4: Evaluation of what you believe is expected from the company.

Upon reaching all conclusions, a plan will be created by Colette that is then discussed and agreed upon by the two of you.

ExecuMate will help you find a path, a journey, which makes sense to YOU in creating balance of life and work for you and your executive.

Follow-up: A commitment of phone calls and emails will follow the session(s).


Achieve, Receive, Believe!