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Faith Seminar

This one-day seminar is designed for those who seek to hear the faith story...the workings of all things to balance your life and career...through the glory of God. It is for executives and spouses who desire closeness, a mutual growth and understanding, exercising their faith as they learn the logistics of the ExecuMate couple.

Using Colette’s expression of talent in music and spoken word, she shares her corporate journey story as a spouse of 20 years and her life experiences previously built in her walk as a single woman.

This faith-based requested seminar:

  • addresses creating a plan for the corporate journey
  • designs and shares skill sets
  • addresses integrity in the corporate world
  • grows knowledge out of the Bible
  • offers encouragement for decision making
  • offers open discussion for problem solving
  • exercises team building
  • fosters spiritual focus on a daily basis

Whether a small group or large, ExecuMate is willing to tailor the size of the support team, appropriately.

(Please note that this seminar can be adjusted to a luncheon/half day option.)