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Gold Level Seminar

This one-day seminar is designed for male and female spouses. Choose from these topics:

  • defining myself and my role
  • defining balance in my life
  • qualities needed in the corporate world
  • anchoring the home fires; responsibilities
  • dealing with the traveling/visiting spouse
  • moving expectations; logistics involved
  • cross-cultural adjustments
  • traveling with your spouse
  • identifying and dealing with emotions
  • physical identity; wellness
  • appropriate dress for success
  • moving upward with faith and integrity

Example Spouse Seminar:

Breakfast Meet and Greet
Speech Colette Young; Introducing Ideas & Project
Breakout Groups EM Leaders (larger groups)
Lunch (on premise; together)
Speech Physical and Emotional Wellness
Q & A Colette and Panel
Summary Colette; Putting the Project Together
Dinner Fashion Show during dinner
Corporate Fashion “What Do I Wear? And Where?”
Wrap Up Colette Young

**This is just an example. The beauty of YOUR seminar is that it is customized to your needs, your location and your goals.

(This Gold Level Seminar may be raised to a Platinum Level Seminar, which includes individual sessions on Day 2.)