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Platinum Level Seminar

This two-day seminar is designed for the corporate meeting that has been set up for the executive in meetings and guest spouse. This situation often lends itself to empty pockets of time during the day in which the spouse is left to find things to do, or the same activities repeat themselves. The meeting planner is looking for an enrichment experience for the spouse...

Utilizing this time, Colette will join in an activity with the spouses (i.e. city tour or round of golf) in whom she engages in casual conversation, getting to know the spouses, and time to listen and identify needs.

Upon arriving back from the activity, Colette is keynote speaker at their luncheon. Afterwards, spouses engage in a question and answer time. If the group is large, guest ExecuMate(s) will participate in small group breakout sessions.

Upon registration time, if the male spouse will be present, a male ExecuMate will be present for those sessions, too!

Example Spouse Seminar:

Spouses Meet-and-Greet Breakfast
Spouses Activity (tour, golf, etc.)
Luncheon: Keynote Speaker, Colette Young
Q & A: one group or small group breakout sessions
Follow-up: Return to recap

Executive Meeting:

During one of the day meetings or dinner, Colette presents to executives.

Executive Option:

Day 2: The Company provides individual spouses hourly appointments with Colette where she coaches and helps them plan their journey for personal success.