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Silver Level Seminar

This one-day seminar is designed to address mid-management employees on the rise to success. The information during the day is to engage them with:

  • self-evaluation for relationships
  • fostering qualities for balance of work and life
  • getting the vision of ‘what it takes’
  • knowing the facts; what lies ahead on the journey
  • coping with home issues
  • skill sets for handling day-to-day life issues
  • validating his/her strengths
  • preparation for the top
  • dressing appropriately

Example Spouse Seminar:

Breakfast Meet and Greet
Speech Anticipation; Colette Young
Breakout Groups ExecuMate Leaders (small groups; Colette)
Speech Wellness; Physical & Emotional
Re-Group Session Skill Sets; Colette Young
Team Building Group Exercises
Panel Q & A ExecuMate Leaders
Conclusion Building Your Home Team; Colette Young

**Remember, the topics and issues are tailored to your needs!

(This Silver Level Session may be raised to Platinum Level by adding individual sessions, Day 2.)