What others who know and have worked with Colette Young have to say of her and her capabilities...

“Having worked as an executive for a number of Fortune 500 companies, I have seen and experienced, personally, the power of having a capable corporate wife, one that goes beyond being supportive and becomes an asset, a part of the team. With today’s challenges and executive jobs getting harder each year, the line blends between the exec and the spouse, how they work to make it all come together.

I have known and worked with Colette and her husband, Larry, for many years, and believe me, she has these skills in spades. She is not only a support, but also a clear partner in Larry ’s success, which he would quickly tell you. She also served as a mentor for the wives when we worked together. This is not a superficial skill, and when done right, will add value to the wife, the husband and to the company.”

Pete Perez
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Conagra Foods, Inc.

“I have known Colette for two years as she serves on our board of trustees. She is one of the most honest and sincere women I know. Her genuine concern for people makes it wonderful to work with her. She is strategic, smart and tenacious and always does everything ’best in class.’ As an executive I have engaged Colette in projects ranging from Business Etiquette to Nonprofit Fundraising to Professional Development. She is excellent, delivers results and is really enjoyable to work with. She and ExecuMate take care of each client in a unique and personal way.”

Christina Alford
VP of Resource Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

“I have known Colette since childhood and have observed firsthand her willingness to help others excel in life. She has a generous heart and a genuine interest in everyone with whom she comes in contact. The effort with which she will share her talent and experience through ExecuMate will positively strengthen the executive spouse as well as the executive.”

Jay Wasson
Missouri State Representative
District 141

“Colette’s gifts have a way of motivating you to make a difference in someone’s life and they fill the room with an aroma of positivity that is contagious.”

Joel Johnson
Pastor, Westwood Community Church
Excelsior, MN

“Colette is uplifting, thoughtful, and sincere. She is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met and always asks how each of my family is doing. Every time I talk with her she makes my day!”

Jay S. Beck
Century Healthcare

“Colette is one of the most down to earth people I have ever known. Even though she has reached a high level in business and society, she always makes people feel appreciated and needed, and that is what makes her a special person.”

Steve “Tiny” Nelson
Senior Vice-President Sales
Big Red, Inc.

“For over twenty years I’ve seen Colette master each new life step she’s encountered; a remarkable person.”

Robert E. Callan
Corporate Counsel
Dr Pepper Snapple Group

“Over the years I have known Colette, I have found that her combination of finding joy in all things while also being an active and compassionate listener has been an encouragement to me. Her positive attitude and zest for life are contagious, and I am happy and proud to call her not only a client but a friend.”

Paul K. Collins
Financial Consultant
Wells Fargo Investments, LLC

“Colette Young is the most delightful, energetic and efficient person I have been graced to know. Her upbeat attitude and problem solving capabilities make her a valuable resource to any executive spouse or executive on a personal or business level. I hope to continue my journey to the top with the power of two, with Colette as my motivator and friend.”

Eileen Kelly
CPA and President
E.T. Kelly & Associates, LLC

“Colette Young is to corporate spouses what Webster is to dictionaries. Her high-energy approach and rock solid integrity never waver. Her global experience, coupled with her poise and intellect promises to make this venture a stunning success.”

Philip Donlay
Author of Category Five and Code Black

“Colette’s knowledge, charisma and charm warm my heart! Her energy can’t help but motivate and inspire. She’s as honest as one gets. I have the utmost respect for her and although I know her from a professional setting, I feel blessed to call her friend as well!”

Mara Schutz
Private Client Associate
Wells Fargo Bank

“Colette, it ’s with joy that I hear you are about to take your gifts to a larger audience than just us fortunate friends. Your living touch, untiring energy, and prayers brought me through a very difficult time in my life. The people that hear your inspiration will be fortunate indeed.”

Stephen Roberts
S. Roberts Company

“We were both new to Minnesota and became friends quickly. Colette is genuine and caring with a wonderful personality. She has lived in many locations and always leaves a positive impression on those she meets. For example, in Minnesota living there for a short period of time she assumed key leadership roles in our community. She also plays a terrific game of golf!”

Ellen Shiplett
Executive Spouse
Gymnastics Coach

“I became acquainted with Colette Young several years ago while working with her husband Larry Young, President & CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group. On different occasions we’ve had the opportunity to discuss business, and more importantly, the value of spouses in building businesses and careers. These conversations were very inspiring and informative. Her formulas for success are straightforward and give a new meaning to certain aspects of business.

Colette is honest and trustworthy beyond boundaries. Her involvement and participation will inspire performance, elevate loyalty and result in continued success. Her motivation, coaching and counseling would be an integral part of any company ’s strive for excellence. I would heartily endorse any business venture with which she was involved.”

Michael J. Doka
Chairman of the Board
Rehrig Pacific Company

“Colette has the ability to gain the respect and credibility from others immediately; she is effective in getting ideas accepted and guiding a group toward task accomplishment. Colette has great judgment/street smarts, the feel for what fits and does not fit, and what makes sense for a particular situation. She has the skills necessary for effective expression in verbal and written communications. She influences others, commands attention, demonstrates confidence, sets high standards, and leaves a positive impression. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have Colette as a friend; the world is a much better place because of people like Colette Young.”

Gene Honermann
Regional Vice President
Dr Pepper Snapple

“As a couple in the corporate world, we have seen first hand what makes Colette and Larry such a remarkable couple. They truly demonstrate how two people can achieve more working together, than they ever could as individuals. You always know that they are each other’s biggest fan and they are genuine happier for the others success than their own. They are great mentors to us in our corporate behavior as well as in our walk of faith as a Christian couple. You don’t often meet people who instantly make you feel that you are capable of reaching your dreams in life. Colette and Larry are absolutely two of these people.”

David McMichael & wife, Jennifer
Area Vice President
Dr Pepper Snapple

“I’ve known and worked with Colette Young and she has an incredible insight and talent for bringing the best out in people. Her passion for life and achieving success is simply contagious.”

Jim W. Bergeson
Former Chairman & CEO
Colle & McVoy Marketing Communications

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